Why should I hire a Dog Walker?

        Pets left unsupervised may get into trouble out of loneliness, frustration or boredom.  Mid-day walks are a great way to give your pets a necessary break during the day and are good for fitness, socialization and overall well-being.  A tired dog is happy, well-behaved, and not destructive.

Is a Dog Walker better than doggy day-care?

         Day-care is a good option for most dogs, but some learn bad habits and others are not happy or just don't get along.  If you decide to use a doggy day-care try a surprise visit and ask to look around.  At some facilities you can watch remotely and see for yourself the vareity of canine experiences. 

My dog's behavior is not always appropriate.  What's going on?

          Dogs thrive on consistency and will push you to see just what they can get away with.  A Dog Walker can re-enforce good behavior and help to solve undesirable ones. 




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